Sep 5, 2007

Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips 

  • When making idli mixture,mix it thoroughly the night before
  • . Put it in to a deep bowl and tie a thick cloth on top of it. 
  • Don't stir the batter next morning. 
  • Just pour the dough into the molds and you will be surprised at the light spongy idlis you get.
  • To peel tomatoes quickly place the tomato on a fork and hold it over the gas flame till the skin busts. 
  • Keep turning it for a few minutes, then peel with out any trouble.
  • To prevent coconut oil from freezing in winter, add a few drops of castor oil to the coconut oil.Shake well and store.
  • To make karela's (bitter gourd) less bitter, rub them with wheat flour and salt and set aside for half an hour.
  •  Wash thoroughly before cooking them.
  • To prevent boiled potatoes from breaking,boil over a low flame and remove immediately when soft enough
  • When making mooli roti(radish parathas) the radish juice which is squeezed out after grating, should not be thrown away as it contains most of the nourishment. 
  • Use it to knead the dough for the parathas instead of water.
  • To make rava kesari roast the rava in ghee and add milk. Soak for 30 minutes in the milk. Then make sugar paku and make rava kesari.

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