Onam:… Onam is the greatest festival of Keralites. Onam is related with the King Mahabali who ruled Kerala at a time His parents are Virochana and Devamba. His grandfather Prahlada who instilled in him strong sense of righteousness and devotion. He expanded his empire the entire world. Including the heaven. Devas after the defeat from Bali went to Mahavishnu and requested him to regain the heaven.
In heaven the Maha bali started aswamedha yaga with the advice of Sukracharya. Mahavishnu took the avatar of Vamana a small Brahmin boy approached bali and requested to grant land of three paces. Despite of of the advise of his guru Bali granted this boon. Vamana grew big measured the earth for first pace and heaven for the second pace.Vamana bowed his head and given the third pace to Vamanaon his head. Mahavishnu was pleased to see his devotion  and asked him a boon. MahaBali said he loved his people and allow him to visit every year to see his people. Lord granted him the boon. People in Kerala believe that mahabali vsisits on Onam Day. So they wear new clothes, go to the temple  and prepare a very good Sadya (We prepare in our house)

Elavan Koottu
Mambazha Pulissery
Beans Thovaran
Tomato Rasam
Pazha Pradhaman
Pasi Paruppu Payasam
Pal Payasam
Edichu Pizhinja Payasam
Ada Pradhaman
Etha Pazha Nurukku 
Sarkara Upperi
Netrankai Upperi
Naranga Pickle
Puli Inchi

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