Apr 12, 2016

Little Millets ( Cheru Dhanyams)

I went to India and found various cheru dhanyams used by my cousin. I liked it very much. You can make anything whatever you make with rice.

Little Millets

1. Samai.( Little Millet)...This tiny grain is gluten free  and packed with minerals and vitamins.


2. Thinai (Foxtail Millet).It is known for its low Glycemics index gradual increase  in blood sugar after food intake when compared to rice. Natural source of Protein and Iron
                                                                          All millets are high in fiber, minerals, vitamins,iron, magnesium, pottassium etc.                        

.http://www.organicdepot.in/thinai-rice-foxtail-millet-1kg.html.. Foxtail millet is rich in fibre, protein. It is better than rice. This releases glucose slowly into the blood.Good for diabetes patients.

3.Varagu (Kodo  Millet)

4.Kuthiravali ( Barnyard Millet)

Kanji...Take all four millet 2 tsp each wash and add 2 times water  cook them. When it cools down add curd or milk according your taste drink it. it is filling and good for health.Cook the millet with water add yogurt,grated carrots and cucumber. Heat a pan with little oil add mustard seeds and jeera and when it splutters add to the Kanji .We drink this morning instead of dosa or idli.

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